sunnuntai 10. helmikuuta 2013

Another partyoutfit☆

Hello again, how have u been?
I'm so stressed atm. 
Prom dances are soon and I'm very nervous... 
I hope I or my partner doesn't mess anything.
And we have cocktail party on Wednesday, and I don't have anything to wear there -A-''
But my friend had her 18th birthdayparties yesterday. There was fun ^w^//
I didn't have very special outfit, but I tried new hairstyle.

No socks... :'D
Sari introduced on her blog few Apps, and I searched some too. 
These purikura Apps aren't the same what she introduced, those what I used are
GirlsCamera and P.F. Love

I think that GirlsCamera is better, but it is more difficult to use (Omalla puhelimella ohjelma bugittaa aina välillä...)

Here is some face and makeup photos too:

What do you like? 
I don't even start to complain about the quality or lights...
Im kinda happy with the result I looked. And don't worry, I will dye my hair tomorrow :D
I used my GEO circle lenses for the first time. I liked those very much and those were very comfortable.
But when I took them away, my eyes were totally red T _ T 
Well, I didn't feel anything and in few minutes redness disappeared, so maybe I can use them still!

From one thing to another, I have to share this pic with you!
My cat looks so stupid!:D
I love him ^w^''

But now I have to go back to study! 
I have lots of homework to do.
           See you again!

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  1. Sinulla on ilmeisesti ollut huono englannin kielen opettaja.

  2. Mullakin on GirlsCamera mutta se aina kaatuu ヽ(;▽;)ノ En tiedä missä on vika eikä ole päivitystäkään tullut.. Mutta haluan ehdottomasti kokeilla tuota toista mainitsemaasi appsia! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

    1. Oo, hyvä että tästä postauksesta oli apua :3 Ja joo, hirveesti tökkii ja jumii koko ajan tuo Girls Camera, mutta kyllä sillä aina pienet blingblingit kerkeää lisäämään :D