lauantai 2. helmikuuta 2013

Two outfits from this week☆

             Hello gals!
And happy February for all! January went so fast, and now I have only two weeks to prom dance and little bit over month to first matriculation examination. And 34 days to next vacation 

But now, I have had exam week. Now I have only one test left! Swedish and history went kinda badly, but I'm glad those was last tests of those subjects!

But now I had time to do makeup to school! So here is result from Wednesday:

 Poor outfit pic ; A ; No can do, it is too dark on the morning...
 Top: BikBok
Shorts: Gina Tricot
Belt: eBay (Roses from H&M)
Headbow: Chocomint

Then the makeup:

I got big inspiration to use lipstick * w *

I had time to dress up on Thursday too!

Dress: Vila
Belt: eBay
Roses: H&M

It's really frustrating to try to take good outfit pics T _ T I don't have time to take pictures in school/before school, so I have to take those pictures on morning and then those look like this... 

Then again makeup pics!

Im pretty proud of myself that I dare to use my lenses. I was (actually I still am) afraid of that neovascularization and all things like that. I don't want to lose my vision ; A ; But that really is true that the makeup doesn't look same without lenses.

Haha, this is what I have done whole week. I really should start to read to matriculation examination ; A ; Well, I got my new pink Nintendo 3DS, so I know what I will do instead of reading...

See you soon again!

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